Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Personal History: Remixed and Reassessed

For the Record: For now this is going to be the last post where I babble on about the past. I have had ideas about moving this musings blog forward, influenced by other blogs and daily life. If you have any good ideas, post them in the comments or comment on my G+or Diaspora profile where this blog-post is linked.   

I first shared this video on Google+, agreeing with Kirby Ferguson that most works are remixed from other ideas. Some of those ideas are other works that have influenced my own from like radio plays, news stories, and other novels. Other ideas that I had put into my writing were from my own past experiences. Not only applying to the workshop assignment, but also in some of my recent flash fiction pieces.

All throughout this year, I haven't been just remixing ideas past and present. I've also been reassessing my own past to see what I can do better in the long term. Hence the long summer absences from the blog and the web overall. I really began doing this after deleting my first Facebook account where I had those sharing and social networking issues.

That person who I had the Facebook issues with? Part of that dealt with the pressure that social networking had contributed. However, most of that had deeper roots going back to my first years in high school. One of my teachers was really into trying to get me to fit in with the rest of the kids. While I may appreciate this teacher for what she did overall, that bit was really unnecessary. After all, what does fitting in actually contribute to a student's career opportunities and overall grades.

That whole concept of fitting in sustained itself throughout my high school life. While this did start dying off when I began writing, it still stayed with me in the couple years after graduation. Looking back on some of the situations that occurred because of that concept including that bit on Facebook, trying to fit-in got me nowhere.

During my final semester at community college, one of my friends had told me not to think of high school too much. I couldn't agree with him more now than ever. The friends I have now and the writing that I'm doing were not the results of trying to fit-in, but to embrace myself.

I decided after those two weeks to go back on Facebook, but 'friend' only the people who I enjoy interacting with with my 'likes' being close to zero. This way, I can stay in touch with them without businesses or blogs hogging up space on the news feed. Also, I can share what I like and be honest with it like I do on Google+. The pressure to fit-in is fading and now embracing myself is the new challenge.

By embracing the remix of ideas from friends and family, I was able to look at my past more clearly to see how I can be better. Whether it would being more productive or being honest about myself, those ideas helped me find those ideas which hindered my progress in life. With the first semester at  the university in just two weeks, it's time to put those ideas to the test.