Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend Goodies: Of Books and Bliss

This is a video of author, Bliss Morgan, reciting She Rides Through the Woods; a poem from her first volume of Nightmare Fuel. This week I won a free e-book copy as a prize for winning Flash Fiction Project's August contest. The premise of the contest was simple and open. Writers just needed to write a piece and either post or link to it in the page's August prompts to be eligible for the grand prize. Preparing for university left me little time to write, but I managed two pieces for separate prompts when I wasn't trying to figure out how to get on the university's public Wi-Fi or the dorm's network for that matter.

Regardless of the situation, I was quite proud of the work I did. The submissions from the competition were brilliant as well and you should give a read in your spare time. They can be found here (Nykki B's Glass) and here (John Lewis's The Rest Stop).

As for Nightmare Fuel, I'm definitely looking forward to reading it.  Once again, thanks to Flash Fiction Project for the contest, Bliss Morgan for the e-book, and everyone who submitted. It was definitely a blast.

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