Monday, September 3, 2012

University Experience: Just Getting There

So last week marked my first days into university as an English major. I've been looking forward to it all summer in between writing flash fiction, catching up on my reading list, and working day by day. Along with the classes, it would be a brand new experience living away from home and pretty much everyone I knew...mostly.

So after all the school shopping for the past few weeks came the big day itself. The family and I hopped up to the school and got to unpacking the bare essentials. I pretty much planned to pack only what I need with a few entertainment items. After all, the accumulated reading list and podcast backlogs would keep me calm and I planned to take some walks around the campus.

At this point, most people I know would worry more about the roommates they would be paired up with. I knew I was, imagining situations in which politics would tear everyone asunder, dirty housekeeping was the norm, or something to that effect. However, the first few days had pretty much put those thoughts to rest. Moving in before everyone else was even more never-wracking, more or less when it was time for bed.

With no one around, it was pretty easy to misinterpret sounds from the hallway as being in the same room. At one point, I had thought someone sneaked in, used the bathroom and began to watch some television late at night. Turned out the following morning that neither the situation nor the fears I had about roommates were true at all.

Quite the opposite happened and so far, I've been getting along with them brilliantly. From the what I know so far from them and my classes, I've come up with a list of expectations for this semester:

-I will learn the basic foundations of English in academia and how it's developed over time.

-I will continue to improve my writing through classes and joining university clubs that have a good base in writing (ex. English club and the Paper).

-I will be familiar with some sports teams, especially the New England ones. That and sports programming.

Here's to a prosperous semester at far.   

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