Friday, November 11, 2011

Educational Onslaught: Yes it's worth it!

Hello, all! I never really got a chance to touch this due to higher education; essentially like last time. Readings, papers, midterms consumed my time. Of course when I haven't checked up for over a month, I feel like I've repeated myself...maybe. However, I have made some modifications to the blog. Starting with the profile conversion to my Google+ profile (via Blogger in Draft), I've been trying to make the blog more organized for easier navigation and also have a bit more personality. Also I added in Disquis*, but I don't see that getting much usage; at least for now.

Then the local elections loomed and heat was on after my vote was cast. I voted in two elections this year, one in May, and the most recent (Nov 8). Regardless of what either one was for, the anticipation to the results when away from a computer (especially in this day and age) is not always easy; but the other commitments were more important at that present moment. I'd find myself checking the local paper and Patch late at night just to see the results. However, the elections all and done with...for now at least.

And there's a slight break from the studies, or the studies are easier now in some ways. I might get some topics out of my 'blogging to-do' list that I have mentioned on my G+ page including:

-Why I'm into Google+, especially with the new pages and coming from Facebook (as my first social network).

-Why movies never really appealed to me; even if some have in the past (very slim number in fact).

Along with other musings, I plan on making minor changes to include some other blogs that I follow and embedding videos directly from YouTube or other video websites (like Vimeo) instead of using the built-in feature; which makes them way too small and hard on the eyes. Speaking of...

*...One of Disquis's features is logging in from other accounts such as Facebook. Here's Tod Maffin's take, on Global BC News, on why we should be careful about this.